Friday, November 25, 2005

The Beginning

In the last few months I have browsed through the news and have found that there is a constant reference to blogging. I have noticed it a little and even clicked on a few links to check out people's opinions. It has been interesting but hasn't meant much until I have recently seen my brother and some of his friends blogs. It has been very interesting to see what is going on in their lives and for thoughts to be freely published on the internet. So I figured I might as well join.
This first post is courtesy of the comforts of my own home on a Friday night. I am enjoying the peacefulness of the Sabbath hours. I am down to my last two full weeks of college and it is sometimes hard to believe. I have had an interesting experience at Southern Adventist University which for the most part has been positive. I have always been extremely busy with my classwork and finishing in 3 and a half years has taken its toll at times. I have also been very busy with music since I have been in the band and the orchestra as well. If that wasn't busy enough I have also been active in intramurals at Southern playing softball, basketball, hockey, and football as well. All these things have been a big positive experience while at Southern but the most positive experience for me in College has been the last year and a half with my relationship with the Lord. I have been priviledged to be surrounded by some very good people at the University and have been involved with events such as planning a revival type youth conference last year at Southern. I also was involved in teaching Sabbath school at a student led church and this year I am participating in a Bible workers club. All of these are a result of a conversion experience last year when Doug Batchelor held meetings downtown for his "Oh for Revival" series. I am by no means attained a "holy" life but I praise God the was He has led thus far and I continue to press on through faith that He will continue to work in me.
I know this has been a long post but this is where I am at right now in my life. Shortly I will be attending Amazing Facts College of Evangelism in Sacramento, Californina. This program will start January 26 through June 3. I am unsure as to where I will be after this program but I am excited about tools that I will be learning to help spread the gospel and to share my faith which is extremely important concerning the important of the message that we have in these last days. Look forward to dialoging with friends and family on this blog. May you have a pleasant weekend.