Friday, December 23, 2005

Ending the Year

Well, Christmas is almost here but it hardly feels like the Christmas season to me this year. This month has been very hectic and I have two dates on my mind; December 14 and December 31. I am happy to say that graduation did happen on the 14th and now the big item is the outreach project for GYC on December 31. It is always nice to be home and I have been enjoying being with Mom and April the last few days. I have also been doing work at the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference office working for the Treasury department. There are some very dedicated Seventh-day Adventist Christians at the office and I consider it an honor to be working there. I will be heading down to Chattanooga on Monday morning to finalize the preperations for the outreach project. Justin McNeilus and I will have a lot to do but the good thing is that although not complete, things are coming together. We have had a difficult time this past week establishing that the maps are completed and the lady coordinating the buses is on board and making sure that we are still on the same track. Thankfully the Lord is leading and an important meeting happened today between the bus and map coordinator. We hope to have a completed contract by Monday. This outreach project has been on my mind every day for the last few months and I will be very relieved when it is complete. At the same time though it is a tremendous thought that over a 1,000 people will be hitting the streets of Chattanooga knocking on doors for Bible study interests. I do not want to be in the way of the Lord's plans for this project and I just want to help things run smoothly and let the Lord do the main work of working on people's hearts at doors. I hope that all that are reading will have a Merry Christmas and I wish you all the best and God's blessings.


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Last Week

As I am in my last full week here at Southern I am very excited about my upcoming graduation. There has been alot of hard work leading up to this point. I received an email late last week from the registrar at the Amazing Facts College of Evangelism. The email stated that there was an opportunity to go on a mission trip after the training course to Congo in East Africa to conduct an evangelistic series. The email immediately sparked my interest because this is a very tangible way to put my training into work and for a long time I have wanted to be part of an evangelistic series or a project overseas. Ultimately I want to be part of God's work and this sounded very exciting. I thought about it off and on throughout the weekend but I didn't begin to spend serious prayer and study until yesterday. The earthquake that just occured in Congo definitely got my attention and I felt impressed to do some study. While doing this I came across the text from 2 Timothy 4:5 which says, "But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry" This really hit home because I had seen a fair amount of good texts but this text seemed to speak directly to me. So as of now I am planning to go to Congo when my AFCOE training is over. I believe that Jesus is coming very soon and I believe it is very important to be preparing our lives and the lives of others to meet Him.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Wrapping up at SAU

I only have two weeks left here at Southern Adventist University. I am fairly busy but the majority of my classwork has been completed. My main focus right now is the success of the GYC outreach project on Dec. 31 I am helping Justin McNeilus with this project and there is alot that needs to happen in order for it to be ready. The past couple of weeks have been interesting for the overall school environment here at Southern revolving around a couple of issues. The first issue involved the issue of the dress code here. There have been students that have taken a stand and have shown concern about the abuses of the dress code such as wearing jewelry or inmodest clothing. I applaud the courage of these students to take a stand on this issue because this campus should be upholding good Christian standards and students that come here should know this when they come. The large controversy that is going on right now at Southern especially in the last few days is an uproar over an article in the Southern Accent that discussed the priviledges of a "benefriends" relationship. The article discussed this as a physical relationship that could be attained as a middle ground while not having the burden of emotional commitment in a relationship but not going to the extreme of sexual relations with multiple partners at the same time. This past week the second part of the article came out saying on how this type of relationship is harmful and does not have beneficial results. The damage was already done though and there has been an outlash against the first article. In this week's Southern Accent there was a Presidential statement saying how the University does not support this behavior and how there is a need for both sides to be presented at once not in multiple weeks. The Student Association Senate met for an extended period of time last night with rumors being that the Senate is looking at the removal of the editor or the faculty sponsor. At Convocation today, our President Gordon Bietz addressed the issue saying he believes that those who are in disagreement should take their wrongs to each other personally first as is the counsel in Matt. 18. and he does not agree with the immediate cry for removal of the editor. Anyways, this has been what is going on and it is very interesting. I am encouraged by people who are willing to take stands and stand for higher standards. At the same time I am concerned that there could be a severe backlash from many students on campus because of the attack on these issues. Southern is in need of spiritual revival that will help these issues be less controversial. Things like our Southeastern Youth Conference, the beginning of a student led church last year, increased visibility and action of outreach groups like the Bible workers club are what will help the overall student body realize the need for a closer relationship with Christ and an improved Christian walk. I will be praying and I solicit your prayers for this campus as these issues are being brought to light. I pray that our actions will be Christ like in all that we do. Hope all is well for those that are reading, and I enjoy reading your comments.