Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Loma Linda

My posts are often infrequent but I have been enjoying reading other people's blogs. I find that I am reading them instead of letting people know what is going on in my blog as well. I guess it's a little to much taking and not enough giving. Anyways, since my last post a fair amount has happened. One of the major events was last Wednesday when I left Tennessee to head across the country. I drove from 11 A.M. on Wednesday to Dallas, TX and then another 12 hours on Thursday to Wilcox, AZ and then about 7 hours on Friday finally reaching Loma Linda about 3:30 Pacific Time. It was a very long trip but it was enjoyable for the most part. Thursday was probably the worst day as far as scenery goes because West Texas is long and there is not a lot to look at. I have been having a very good and productive time out in Loma Linda since arriving. It is very encouraging and inspiring to see how the Lord is working at Advent Hope here in Loma Linda, CA. Sabbath was a day that very important for me, helping me to get refocused spiritually. Peter Gregory presented a powerful message on Sabbath that addressed the doctrine of the Nicolaitenes . He addressed the dangers of New Theology and the importance of sanctification, obedience and victory in our lives. It was a thought provoking and challenging message. The people from Advent Hope also had a day of prayer and fasting which was very humbling spending all of that time in prayer. The last few days have been very relaxing. I was able to shadow Norman in the hospital and watched him give a neurological examination to a patient which was very interesting. Norm, Tim Arakawa and I have been together alot the last few days and we have had a good time. We went down the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library (Which included a personal tour of Air Force One that Reagan rode)yesterday and then went into Pasadena and walked around awhile there. It is great to see what is going on in Loma Linda. Soon I will be arriving at Amazing Facts which starts on Thursday. Right now I am just very excited to be starting. I have been waiting for a long time and the time has about to come to get some important training. I hope all is well and that your week continues to go well.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

The New Year

Well it is already 8 days into the New Year and things are going well. I continue to praise the Lord for the blessings that He poured out at the General Youth Conference this year. I was especially blessed by the outreach project. Seeing over 850 Bible study interests made all the stresses of 3 months of planning for this event well worth it. The Lord truly took the project under His wing and put the finishing touches on it. This past week has been good because my brother Norman and his girlfriend Joelle were at home with us. It has been very enjoyable to have them around. It is always interesting when Norm is around and one of his more memorable moments of the week was composing a song based on Romans 8:3,4. The text is powerful and so hearing the words throughout the week helped reinforce the text into my mind which was good. The problem is that the tune he came up with was absolutely awful and so it was a mixed blessing to say the least. That is just one of many laughs we had this past week. The time is coming soon for when I will be attending the Amazing Facts College of Evangelism which begins on January 26. I am excited and looking forward to the experience that will be gleaned there. I solicit those that are reading to keep this in your prayers because there is still a lot of growth that is needed in my walk with the Lord and I am anxious for this time with Him. Well, that is about the latest from Portland, TN. I wish all who are reading this all the best and the Lord's blessings.