Friday, April 21, 2006

First night of the meetings

Tonight I am writing after the first night of our evangelistic series conducted by Tyler Long in West Sacramento. Alot of work has been done leading up to this night and I am very happy that the meetings have begun. The past 8 weeks we have been going out twice a week trying to conduct Bible studies to lead in to these meetings. This past week we went out every day and knocked on doors inviting people to the meetings. I have to say that I am very happy tonight because one of my contacts who I have been studying with came tonight. I picked him up and took him home which gave us a good chance to talk as well. I am very happy because he has been the only consistent Bible study that I have had. We have had studies the past three weeks together. I am asking you all to pray for this man, his name is George Ransom. He says that he wants to come back tomorow night which I am very happy about but he said some of the other topics he's not sure he's really interested but I am praying he will continue to come. I can't think of any other thing more important to me right now than seeing someone come to Christ and accepting Him leading to baptism. That is my prayer right now. Things will be busy now with the meetings taking up most of our time. In other areas I am looking at future options after AFCOE. We were recently given a list of full time Bible work opportunities and I am also investigating employment opportunities in Accounting while being active in ministry. I am scheduled to have an interview in Riverside, CA at an Accounting firm coming up soon. My main focus is on AFCOE and the meetings right now though. I hope all is going well for those who are reading this. I'll continue to keep you updated.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Things are moving right along here at AFCOE as we are about to finish our 10th week. We are approaching our evangelistic meetings which will start on April 21. I am praying that some of the people I have met will be attending these meetings and the ultimate goal is giving their life to Christ and being baptized. I am praying earnestly for this. I just had a Bible study this past Sunday and it was the first one that I had in awhile because alot of the contacts are not consistent and do not keep their appointments. Please keep the meetings and the Bible study contacts in your prayers. Classes are going pretty good. My favorite teacher by far is Alan Parker. He is teaching a solid class on the book of Romans, a class on preperation for ministry, and then teaching our preaching class. My other teachers are good but sometimes questions have been coming up like in our Revelation class. Some of the information presented you have to go back and search for yourself in the Scriptures. I consider this good because we should not be spoon fed and we should come to conclusions ourselves from what the Bible says. Since we are half way through the program the time has come to start seriously considering what I will be doing when the program is finished. It is easy for me to want to try and figure this out on my own but I must yield everything to the Lord. I have some tentative options that all revolve around positions in Accounting but I want to make sure that these options have solid options available for ministry as well. I am still leaving the door open to full time ministry or full time Bible work for a period of time. I know the Lord has led me to this place and that He will continue to lead.