Sunday, September 24, 2006

September Update

Just thought I would do a monthly update. Things are rolling along here in Montgomery. I have been here for two months now. I am keeping busy at the ABC still. Unfortunately our walk in traffic is quite sparse so the bulk of my work is filling orders over the phone or on the internet. We have done some food deliviries as well; two runs up to Birmingham and one route that took us down to Mobile, along the Gulf coast where we saw the damage from Katrina and then up to Bass Memorial Academy. On this note it is interesting because the Academy has undergone extensive repairs and is looking in great condition. Down in Waveland and Bay St. Louis it has been a year since the hurricane but it seems that the rebuilding process has just begun. We will be going over to Jackson, MS this week along with some other stops in MS. I am hoping that we will get the Bookmobile going soon because as good as some of those Worthington food products are I feel that our literature is more important to get out than our food. Speaking of books and literature, one advantage of working in the ABC is there is a large quanitity of books to choose from to read. I have started to read a book called "Effective Lay Preaching" by Floyd Bresee. I have just started it but it seems to be very helpful and practical for anyone that does not have experience in preaching. One quick plug in for the ABC you can check out many of the latest books and all of our products at Well, I didnt realize this blog was going to turn into a sales pitch but anyways I hope that all who are reading this have some good reading material and good books to read.