Wednesday, November 08, 2006


This has to be a record. I can't remember putting up two blogs within such a short period of time but for once I am not going to write about whats happening in my life but rather focus on some broader issues. I have to be honest I am pretty happy about the results from last night. It has been pretty discouraging in the last 6 years to see the dominance that has been displayed by the Republicans. I can remember that dissapointment starting when my cousin JD and I were very hopeful when Gore made a comeback and we were at his headquarters until 3 in the morning on election night. But who can forget the infamous recount of 2000 and it seems that not much has gone right for Democrats since then. That was all until last night. I am encouraged because finally the people have spoken against President Bush and notified him that the way he has "spent his political capital" has been unacceptable. I can still remember how upset I was when we went in to Iraq and it seemed as though I was in a minority then but now the whole country is screaming for change in Iraq. I have championed the Democratic party because I have felt that the right of Americans in regards to Religous Liberty and seperation of church and state are safer within this party. There are some scary forces within the Republican party particularly the religous right that would legislate any kind of morality and bring government and church into everything. I realize I have kind of gone off on a tangent but this is another point that underlines my happiness on the results of last night. It will be interesting to see what will happen in the up coming months. Maybe for once President Bush will not only have to start listening to people in Congress but more importantly the American people.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


I am writing you from my very modest apartment in Montgomery, AL. I have been in this apartment for three full months which at times seems as though it has been alot longer than that. There have been definite challenges here in Montgomery since I have arrived. The biggest challenge has been the social experience. There are not many young people my age that attend the local church and as a result there has been a lot of alone time while not at work. The church has been pretty nice but it has been hard to connect with the members seeing that there are not many my age. I have definitely been very lonely here but I have tried to focus on positive things. My job has been pretty good and I have even had the opportunity to do a little bit of preaching since I have been down here. With all this being said I have just been trying to put my trust in the Lord and trust He has brought me here for a reason. This past week started as any other week has, off to a very normal start. I got a call Tuesday from the Assistant Treasurer of the Kentucky-Tennesssee Conference inquiring if I would be interested in a possible opening at my old school Highland Academy. I told him I was interested but was kind of unsure of the whole situation. I spent Wednesday fasting but never feeling completely confident of that situation. Thursday was when the bombshell hit. It started by me receiving a call from the Gulf States Conference President notifying me that I would be receiving a call from the KY-TN Conf. asking me to be an Associate Treasurer there in the Conference. I almost couldn't believe what I was hearing and I was so excited I was ready to jump throught the ceiling. Sure enough that afternoon I received a call from the Treasurer of the Conference, I told him that I was interested in the position and no less than 30 minutes later I was officially offered the position. I am very excited about how the Lord has opened this opportunity for me. This is the work that I have been wanting to get in to; combining my degree from Southern along with ministry. Also, the thought of being near my family in TN is very exciting as well. I can only give thanks and praise to God in heaven for opening this door and I feel very humbled to be starting this position. One final note; Although I will be in Treasury and will be dealing lots with policies, rules, regulations, and Accounting it is important to remember that although these things are important I pray that I or you who are reading will never forget that the Seventh-day Adventist Church is not just an organization or church but it is a movement. May we be preparing our hearts to be used to proclaim God's final warning to this earth in preparing a people to meet Jesus Christ.