Friday, January 26, 2007

Brief Update

The last time I updated this I was living in Montgomey, AL and now I have been working at my new job for a little over a month. The days go by quick. I am an Assistant Treasurer at the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference. In another month the other Assistant Treasurer will be leaving to become the Treasurer of the Washington Conference. So that will leave just me and the Treasurer. You could say I am a tad bit overwhelmed by this prospect but it is one day at a time. It has been interesting to be back in the area where I have lived my whole life other than college and my short stints in California and Alabama. Things have changed but yet there are still alot of similarities. I am happy to be living at home but yet I am in the process of finding the right church to go to. My home church has suffered a major crisis that has left it not in the greatest of shape. Well that is about all, I realize this is short but I figured I should chime in with my monthly update. Until next time.