Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Grandpa Dittes

My Grandfather passed away today and I just wanted to put a few words in writing about my Grandpa known to many as Dr. Dittes. There is no way I can possibly come close to do justice in describing the life that my Grandfather lived. There are a few things I am certain of though. Grandpa was the rock and foundation of the family and was always steadfast in support of his overall family. He believed in and supported education and I can say that I am ever grateful for his support of me in my education. Grandpa worked in Portland, TN as a physician for 53 years from 1946 to 1998. He was 86 when he retired. In this period of time one cannot begin to describe the countless people that he helped and cared for in this rural community that was in the beginning stages of developing when he began to practice medicine here. Time and time again people would come up to my Grandfather and ask him if he remembered them because he had delivered their baby or he had cared for them in the hospital, office, etc. You can only imagine how many people would come after doing this in a community for 53 years! Today as I pause to think about who my Grandpa really was I cannot help but dwell on how his life was one of caring and helping those around him in his community. Grandpa enjoyed this and loved his work. Although he was at times probably to busy there is no doubt that he loved his work and most importantly enjoyed being there to care for others needs. One must ask the question when their course in this life is finished can they look back and say that their life was one of tireless hours spent helping other people. I realize this is somewhat short but I think that the point is pretty clear. Can we say that we made a difference in the world we now live in, and can we look back and see measurable results. I am thankful that I have seen my Grandfathers life and the mark that he has left. Now it is time to continue that which was done in the past.