Saturday, April 21, 2007


I am in Orlando, FL for 3 weeks attending training meetings for Trust Services and Estate Planning certification. I am learning quite a bit for sure, alot of things that I never knew was so extensive in this kind of work. It is nice to get away from the usual routine and be in a place where the weather is so nice. I have been able to connect with a good friend of mine from Southern, Ronald Odiyar who was President of Southeast Youth Conference last year. He is now working at Florida Hospital. I am struck by how large things are here. For instance, the main Florida Hospital is massive and they are constructing another tower that will be used as an addition to the hospital. In addition, they have 6 other hospitals or campuses in the central Florida area. Ronald and I went to church today at the Forest Lake Seventh-day Adventist church. Derek Morris is the Senior Pastor at this church and to put this into perspective they have 5 services. Granted two of them are for young adults that are not held in the main church but they have a service in the main sanctuary at 8:30, 10 and 11:30. I remember thinking that two services was a big deal at Collegedale when I went to Southern. I am not used to such a large church.
Also, since I have been down here I have had a fair amount of time in my hotel due to the fact that I have to study in order to obtain my certification. In my room as I have paid attention to the news and have been on the internet I have noticed that it has been a rather eventful and yet somber week. Obviously the horrifying experience at Virginia Tech is still somewhat hard to believe. It makes you think that regardless of the measures we take to bolster our security and prevent terrorist activities there is only so much you can do. How can you prepare for a random shooting like this in a classroom? I think of those young people whose lives were taken and it makes me think that many of them were my age. They had a life full of hopes and dreams and a future ahead of them and now it is all gone. How certain are we of tomorrow? The fragility of life is a concept that we should take into consideration as we make our decisions and plans in our lives. I also found it interesting that the day after this experience a professor at our Seminary; Russil Burrill was physically attacked and assaulted at Andrews University, you wonder how bad that could have been.
Finally, I find out yesterday that Amazing Facts and 3ABN are merging into one organization. I feel this could be a powerful union for the spreading of the message and I am very interested in this. Also questions do come to my mind though as to how this all came to be and what transpired to make this arrangement. It seems that 3ABN has faced challenges ever since the crisis with the seperation of Danny and Linda Shelton. I guess I am not going to try and figure out to much about what has happened at 3ABN but I hope this arrangement is effective in further proclaiming the Three Angels Message. So to conclude, alot has been going on in the world and it is always interesting to see what happens. I suppose that my overall conclusion would be is to consider the gift of life and to treasure the opportunities, decisions, and the future with all seriousness because unfortunately the students at Virginia Tech do not have that opportunity anymore.