Sunday, May 27, 2007


I write you all this evening coming back from a powerful night of campmeeting here in the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference. Pastor David Asscherick is here throughout the week giving the main messages throughout the evening. Tonight's message was one of those messages where the heart is pounding and you can really sense that the Holy Spirit is directly speaking to you. For those of you who are reading I am hopeful that you have had that experience, there is nothing comparable to this. I could never do justice to the way the message was presented but I will try to put down some of the main thoughts just because it was so powerful. Alot of what was said is probably not anything new to you who are reading but sometimes the simple message of the gospel presented in a certain way strikes a certain chord. The message dwelt heavily upon the Christian walk otherwise known as sanctification. It was brought out strongly that the walk is not a leap or bound but a process. Prov. 24:16 states that a righteous man falleth 7 times but rises up but a wicked man falls into calamity. The point being that when we sin we contineue to rise up and not give up. Clinging to 1 John 1:9 and confessing our sins. The semon was based upon Luke 5:39. The parable describing how a man when drinking old wine does not immediately want to drink the new wine. The parable illustrates the process of our sanctification. Gradually leaving the old wine behind and partaking of the new wine. The appeal was made to leave the old wine behind whatever that sin might be. He talked about certain sins being committed over and over again and the devil discouragaing us to think that we are not good enough, but we were reminded to keep coming back for the forgiveness of sin. At the end of the message the appeal was also made to believe in the power of Christ. The illustration was made that do we believe that Christ can keep us from sinning for one second, two seconds, a minute, an hour, an eternity. The belief in victory over sin was strongly put forth at the end with the reasoning that Christ came to this earth and showed how to live a sinless life and we are to partake of that power which is Christ in you the hope of glory. An appeal was made for those to come forward who wanted to leave that certain sin that old wine behind. Believing in the forgivess and the blood of Christ and the resources of heaven He is willing to give us to empower us. I really felt the Holy Spirit's presence there tonight. It was such a powerful message. If you get a chance go to our website at and all of the campmeeting meetings are being streamed live over the internet. The evening meetings with Pastor Asscherick start at 7 p.m. Central Time. I will wrap it up on that note but I just felt I needed to put in words what was mentioned tonight. It is so easy to become discouraged in the Christian walk especially with the devil bombarding you with attacks that you are a failure beccause of sins you commit. But the promises are there that Christ is waiting to offer His forgiveness and His blood to cover our sins but also promises to give the power to attain victory through our Christian walk. May God strengthen you in your walk as you renew your heart to Him daily and die daily to self.