Sunday, February 10, 2008

Quite A Week

This past week has definitely been a week of ups and downs. Tuesday, February 5 was a day filled with excitement. After all, it was Super Tuesday where people across the nation would be voting in the Primary elections including the state of Tennessee. I was looking forward to watching the returns that night after I had voted. As I was watching the returns the night quickly took a change of pace from election coverage to warnings about storms that were ripping through Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky. There seemed to be bad storms in Kentucky and there was already reported damage in West Tennessee. Around 10:00 there were storms that were coming through Sumner County. This storm ripped through Castalian Springs, TN just east of Gallatin and eventually made its way up to Lafayette, TN in Macon County which is about 30 to 40 minutes east of us in Portland. As I was watching the news that night I knew that it was bad and there were already reports of devastation but who could've imagined waking up the next day to the absolute carnage that was in Macon County. The whole event was very unsettling as all of this destruction was quite near to where we live and it just goes to show that none of us are safe. One can never tell where a tornado's path will take. I preached yesterday at my home church in Portland. I couldn't help but mention of how easy it is to feel very secure and take life for granted when we don't have tommorrow guaranteed. After all, things were just fine for the people just one county east of us before the destruction hit. The fragility of life is quite a concept to ponder. With all this being said, I am thankful that our community was spared the destruction of this storm but our hearts go out to the people affected by this storm. I am posting a link of a video that I believe sums it up quite well.


Staci said...

So thankful you were safe. I remember the eight years I lived near McMinnville, TN, and being in a tornado alley several times, but we never experienced anything like that. May God be with all those who lost!

Norman McNulty said...

Glad you were safe from that destruction. That's scary stuff. It's good to see you preaching as well. God will multiply that talent the more you use it.

Norman McNulty said...

By the way, when are you going to give us an update?