Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Golf Adventure

Last week my good friend Adam Littell and I went out to Long Hollow Golf course in Gallatin, TN and played 18 holes. We had an interesting round to say the least. We both had our ups and downs on the course. After all, that is the way golf usually is. At one moment things are going great and then before you know it things have quickly fallen apart. I am posting some pictures below along with some videos that I hope will illustrate the ups and downs of the game. I am glad that I brought my new digital camera as we were able to capture some humorous parts of our golf round.

You will notice here that I am laughing because this is hole 11 and I just hit the ball not only over the water but into the bushes behind the hole.

This picture illustrates my dilemma. Here my ball is buried underneath the bush. Here is the video of my shot from underneath the bush.

As I mentioned what you just saw was hole #11 where we shot across the water and I was in the bush. As I mentioned before, golf is a game of ups and downs which is nicely illustrated by the next hole which we also videoed. This hole goes back in the direction we came from so we were shooting back across the water. It is hard to see in the video but if you notice carefully you will see that Adam's shot skips across the water and goes to the other side. In case you don't see it, our comments on the video will make you very aware of what happened. Enjoy this video.

I have always enjoyed golf because it is just you and the golf course. Golf is really the most individual sport out there that I can think of unless you make it competitive with other people which I try not to do. As I mentioned there are lots of high and low points when playing but it is those moments like on the video of our teeshots across the water that keep you coming back. Hope you enjoyed the post.